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At Bowman's Feed & Supply we have hundreds of items in stock for your home and farm needs. We carry quality Most of our major suppliers are Canadian. If we don’t believe in a product, we won’t sell it. We are commited to good, old fashioned customer service. If you aren't sure that we have what you need just send us an email or give us a call. 

Bowman's has a large seed selection. Our suppliers are Canadian. Our staff have the experience and the knowledge to let you know what seed producrs will work best for you. We also have our own seed products available that we prepare on-site. Ask about Bowman's Gourmet Bird Seeds or Bowman's Grass Seed. Bowman's Birder's Blend is manufactured in downtown Wheatley, ON.

Dog & Cat Products

We carry Shur-Gain Heritage brand products pet line. These products provide your pet with a complete and balanced diet. Shur-Gain Nutreco uses quality ingredients and manufacturing technology's to ensure your pet receives safe, healthy products. In store we have dog and cat collars, leads and general care items. 

Backyard Animals & Livestock Feed

Today’s agricultural market place has expanded into broad reaching environments requiring a larger selection of feeds for a variety of animals. We carry many products to meet the needs of animals such as rabbits, backyard poultry and ratites, to name a few. These specialty products provide precise nutrition and are balanced with wholesome, top quality ingredients Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Swine, Poultry, Equine, Sheep, Goat, Chickens and Specialty feeds. Our feed suppliers are Shur-Gain and Jone's Feeds Mill. 


The STIHL name has stood for revolutionary technology and innovative ideas ever since the firm was founded. Throughout our 85-plus year history that has made us the name for state-of-the-art engineering. The STIHL brand is known around the world today for quality and service. 

Foot Wear

We carry high quality safety and work footwear. Our suppliers are respected Canadian manufacturers. We stock Gore-Tex® footwear.

Stop by and our staff would be happy to assist you in choosing which style will best meet your indoor or outdoor footwear needs. 

Wild Bird Seed & Feeders

We carry wild bird seeds in various bag sizes and varieties. As well as, many styles of feeders and bird houses. One popular brand is Squirrel Buster. These feeders allow the birds to enjoy the seeds and ensure that squirrels do not get to nibble away and eat the seeds. Our staff can assist which seeds and feeding supplies will best meet your needs.

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